Thank you for making it a fantastic festival!

Not your average symposium,
it’s a festival of molecular science

Inspiring Keynotes

We have inspiring keynote speakers to either spark the minds on the cutting edge science they're doing or to demonstrate the power of collaborations between industry and academia. You won't want to miss these.

Parallel Sessions

Each room will feature AIMMS deep science research projects that are turned into sample challenges to push the thinking further. Everyone is free to explore each room and contribute their ideas. We will also have soft skills sessions to help with personal development.

PhD Poster Reviews

Get to know the PhDs and their work by becoming part of the poster session jury. Each PhD will pitch their research for a chance to win a prize. It’s a great way to learn more about the upcoming AIMMS talent.

Co-creation Challenges

Visit the breakout rooms, hear about the challenge and contribute via post-its to how they would approach tackling it. The purpose is to get people thinking outside their own box and demonstrate the power of collaboration.


Find your next talent or discover your next career move by meeting the bright minds attending the conference. We've designated plenty of opportunities for everyone to get together.

Serious Fun

All work and no play is no fun at all. Activities such as a morning beach session, dinner and pub night will compliment the exciting program.

Interact with 150 top scientists,
from established professors to ambitious PhDs

Stimulating content

Action Packed Program

From deep science to soft skills needed to secure grants, we have something for everyone

Participate in our mini-challenges.
Magic happens when we work together.

How can we eradicate the use of testing animals in the life sciences?

WHY? There is a societal push to move away from animals and a scientific pull from new technologies (in cell culturing, possibly AI/modeling) and awareness that mice are not good models for humans.

How can we prevent antibiotic resistance from becoming our next pandemic?

WHY? Infectious diseases are on the rise due to AMR and a serious threat for humans (and animals).

How can we identify targets in complex biological systems? Should we aim for more than one and is that possible?

WHY? Low hanging fruit in pharma with the one target one drug is harvested and this model is under pressure. What are the options?

Personalized medicine, nutrition and toxicity: how to unleash its potential?

WHY? Improved quality of life (efficative drugs with no off target effects, personalized diets with specific health benefits, awareness of sensitivities to toxic compounds)


From Industry?
Join us!

We are looking for companies who want to foster faster scientific breakthroughs thanks to the power of dynamic collaborations & partnerships.
e have rockstar scientists ready to tackle your complex societal issues. 

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Featured Accelerated Project

Food Hackathon

We recently hosted a food hackathon to kickstart ideas in response to chemistry for the protein transition together with industry partners. 

AIMMS is VU Amsterdam’s molecular research accelerator kick starting the next big discoveries in food, pharma, environmental & life sciences.